Saturday, May 15, 2010


Let's Hear from You...

Dear Parents

Share with us what you hope to takeaway from this part of the workshop...

Enter your thoughts in Comments.

Activity 1: Expressing My Thoughts...

Let's describe how you feel at this moment metaphorically
  • Pick an object you have or you could find in the room that you think could be used to describe how you feel now.
  • If you would like to take a picture of yourself, you are strongly encouraged to choose an effect where you could not be identified or recognised easily.
(a) Taking picture with PhotoBooth
  • Explore the different effects and select one that you like.
  • Take a picture of yourself/ the object.

(b) Blogging your thoughts via email

  • Login to your email account to start a new email message
  • Set Subject Heading to "My Feeling Says... (by name)"
  • Pen down a few lines to describe your feeling, in relation to the picture you took
  • Send the picture as an email attachment to

Your email will be posted in this blog.

"My Feeling Says... (by Nalini)"

that I have achieved something in cracking ICT secrets of my son

My Feeling Says... (Jade)

I feel  cool.

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My feelings says...

This is me underwater

My Feeling Says ... (Jasmine)

Trapped in comic world - help!!!

it is a nice experience

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My Feeling Says...

Hi Ms Loh

That is great!



My Feeling Says... (by ikbal)"

Too much radiation.

My feeling says "we're finally able to spy on my son/brother"

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My Feeling Says... (by tan suan eng)

I want to be free !

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my feelings says ... Derrick

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Been there?

My Feelings says ... David Liau


i am so excited

My Feeling Says... (by Robin)

The air con is cold, and i'm hungry.... Nice biscuit :)

Activity 2: Posting Our Thoughts...

1. What are some potential cyber issues you think would arise from the above activity?

2. Words of caution would you give to your child when he/she attempts such activity?

Let's post our thoughts on the "wall"... one thought one post-it.

In Action...